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Data on Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in land area, and population. And with the stability stemmed from the real plan (Brasils currency) and the economic growth and development of the last two decades, Brazil reached the position of being the sixth largest economy in 2011, with a GDP of US$ 2.367 trillion.

The Brazilian economy is still in development and the main products exported by the country are in the primary sector, ie, mining and agriculture. However, it has a well developed and still developing industrial base, as well as a highly competitive service sector, especially in the banking sector that benefits from high interest rates and limited access to capital.

The largest companies in Brazil are in the mining and extraction of oil and oil products, Vale do Rio Doce and Petrobras respectively. Some examples as Embraer, the world leader in medium sized aircraft reflect the existing potential of the country.

The main problems faced by the Brazilian economy remains the lack of infrastructure and poor education of the population, with poor education institutions. Despite having strong institutions and world-renowned, Brazil continues with a shortage of skilled workers to continue its development.

Country Brazil
Area 8,514,877 km2
Population 198.739.269
Currency Real
GDP(Gross domestic product)  US$ 2,367 trilhões
Gross national income per capita US$ 12.144 (2011)
Gini Coeficient 51.9 (2012) high
Evolution of the GDP  2,7% (2002); 1,1% (2003); 5,7% (2004); 3,2% (2005); 4 % (2006); 6,1% (2007); 5,2% (2008); – 0,3% (2009); 7,5% (2010); 2,7% (2011)
Interest Rate 9%
Liquidity Ratio 20%
Public Dept/GDP 35.74% (april/2012)
Investment rate 19.3% of GDP (2011)
Savings 17.2% of GDP (2011)
Labor Force 104 million (2011)
Inflation 5.1%  2011
Unemployment rate 6% (april/2012)
External debt US$297 billion (dez/2011)
Export US$ 256,041 billion (2011)
Import US$ 226,251 billion (2011)
Trade Balance US$ 29,790 billion
Imports – partners US 15%, China 14.1%, Argentina 7.9%, Germany 6.9%, South Korea 4.6% (2010)
Exports – partners China 15.2%, US 9.6%, Argentina 9.2%, Netherlands 5.1%, Germany 4% (2010)
Main exported products transport equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee, autos
Main imported products machinery, electrical and transport equipment, chemical products, oil, automotive parts, electronics

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